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Best and Worst Foods for Runners

Whether you are a newbie to running or you've already participated in your fair share of running events, it's helpful to know the foods that can help (or hurt) your overall running experience.

Take a look at the list below to learn which foods you should be eating as a runner, and which to avoid.

Wild Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are plentiful in fish like wild salmon, are unfortunately not often found in the average person's diet today. But why is it important?

Omega-3s help a variety of areas in the human body, from blood flow and cardio health to overall nervous system functioning.

Not a huge fan of fish? Try one of these delicious salmon recipes that may give you a change of heart.

Skim Milk

Just because we're older and aren't growing as quickly as we used to, doesn't mean we shouldn't still be drinking milk to strengthen our bones and muscles.

As it turns out, skim milk is one of the best post-exercise drinks to help runners recover. Skim milk helps repair damaged muscles and provides great protein to speed up the recovery process after a long run.


There are a few essential reasons why bananas are a perfect option for runners -- both pre- and post-exercise. Not only are they filled with carbohydrates that are important in heavy cardio fitness routines, but they have no fat at all and provide a great source of potassium, which is lost in sweat during your workout.

Processed Sugar

This is one that should be avoided whenever possible, since it has negative effects on the immune system and has been linked with a variety of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

Instead of using processed sugar like corn syrup, try natural sweeteners like raw honey, raw cane sugar or ripe bananas.


While alcohol may be one of the harder food/drink items to give up, it is certainly one to use only in moderation, especially if you are trying to lose weight or train for a 5K.

Alcohol can make it harder for your body to recover after each run and may make it harder to achieve your new goals or record-breaking laps at the next race. Try limiting yourself to one or two each week.

Dried Fruit

Did you know? Runners who consumed raisins 45 minutes prior to endurance exercise had performance benefits similar to those who consumed energy gels. Eat dry fruits to give yourself some fuel during a run, since they are easy to digest and quickly help to boost your carbohydrate energy for those hard-working muscles.

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